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raquel vaca



Originally from Los Angeles, Ca., Raquel found purpose in advocacy, communications, and public affairs from the start of her career.


She obtained her BA in Public Affairs and Labor Studies from UCLA in 2021. During her time at UCLA, Raquel immediately kickstarted her career by conducting research and campaigning at the California State Capitol on behalf of lobbying firms, interest groups and non-profit organizations. She is proud to have contributed to initiatives concerning public health, civil security, and tech policy with the Women’s Foundation of California, Political Solutions, and Spafford & Lincoln.


Raquel is particularly involved in and passionate about participating in local politics. Her experience campaigning for the Los Angeles City Council, in District 14, inspired her with a greater sense of responsibility regarding the overarching needs of her community. Driven by purpose, she secured the opportunity to work for the Los Angeles/Orange County Registrar of Voters, where she developed and enforced procedural compliance at vote centers to ensure election integrity.


Raquel is now working as an Associate at Ballard Partners – Los Angeles.